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How to make a Labyrinth
A simple garden project that looks amazing!

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The Garden

By the time the sale went through the wheat had been cut and we were left with a field full of ruts, stones and wheat stubble. Much to the amusement of the locals, Dave came up with an ingenious way to smooth out the field. He fastened an old railway sleeper studded with large bolts to our old van and over several days he slowly drove round and round the field gradually leveling the ground while Dot followed behind picking up loads of small stones. Dave sowed grass seed and before too long the field looked much better. We planted saplings of oak, beech, ash, sycamore, birch and sweet chestnut which are beginning to thrive and we are planning to create a large wildlife pond probably next year.

Flash Video 2.4 Mb - Broadband only For Dial-up connection use link in the left hand column. For a couple of day's I drove around the field to level the ground. Dot collected the stones and put them on the driveway. The driveway got very muddy when it rained so we laid gravel from the entrance up to the house. Driving round and round was just like being a farmer - radio on, heater on, the good life!

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