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Foundations page

10th December 2006
Starting the wall building

24th December 2006

11th March 2007
More wall building

28th March 2007
More wall building

26th April 2007
Wooden lintels are made

24th May 2007
More wall building

11th August 2007
Walls finished to door and window height

10th September 2007
Floor beams go in

11th November 2007
Ground floor walls finished

17th February 2008
Starting to build the gable

3rd April 2008
Gable wall finished

13th April 2008
Roof trusses go up

3rd May 2008
Slating the roof

19th May 2008
Slating and guttering finished

13th July 2008
Breaking through the wall to form a doorway

19th July 2008
Stone archway finished

5th August 2008
Walls pointed and concrete
floor laid

24th August 2008
Floorboards in bedroom
and workshop door

2nd November 2008
Exterior walls pointed up



To the left of the house we have got permission to build an extension. A workshop on the ground floor and an extra bedroom upstairs. There was a building there but it was demolished years ago. We think it was the original house on this site and dated back to the 17th century. Have started to level the ground in preparation for digging the foundation trenches.

A long time ago, possibly in the 1970's a building was demolished where we plan to put the extension. Some of the walls in the ground and the flagstones are in situ. We have put the flagstones to one side and plan to use them in a small garden near the doors to the extension.

The ground is very rocky and the foundations trenches were dug out using a pick and shovel.
With the help of a friend and 2 cement mixers the concrete for the foundations was finished in no time.
The walls at the front and back are to be built in stone. The gable wall will be in concrete block on the inside and stone on the outside. To the front will be a window, and the door into the workshop will be French doors.

Have been building the walls when weather permitted. The concrete block goes up in no time but the stonework takes a lot of time to do properly. Not being a stonemason I have to take my time so progress has been slow.

House and extension finished

House and extesion finished

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