For Christmas I was given a bird box with a camera inside. Have fixed the box on the east wall of the house and connected the camera wiring to the television. It's fascinating!

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Bird box 2007 - page 1

On the 27th February 2007 we saw the first bird enter the bird box. Inside is an infra-red camera so the pictures are in black and white. Click on the thumbnails below to show a short video in windows media format or a picture. (Opens your default media player). If you see this symbol picture it will be a picture.

Click to play video 27th February - First pictures of a blue-tit investigating the box. 988kb
Click to play video 28th February - Settling down for the night. 943kb
Click to play video 11th March - Arranging nesting material. 582kb
Click to play video 16th March - The female blue-tit has been bringing in dried grass and moss. See how she pushes the material about in a little "spreading wings dance". 881kb
Click to play video 17th March - Morning, she has been very busy bringing in nesting material from all parts of the garden and further afield. The bottom of the box is no longer visible. She is forming a depression to the corner of the box. 902kb
Click to play video 17th March - Evening. She is asleep on a raised part of the nesting material, but not in the depression she has made for the eggs. 789kb
  21st March - Nothing to show since last update. She occasionally brings in bits of moss but seems to have finished nest building. She sleeps in the box every night though.
Click to play video 27th March - Have put some sheeps wool on the rustic arch near the nest. The nest is now made from grass, moss, feathers, human hair (I had a haircut) and sheeps wool. 1.4mb
Click to enlarge image 4th April - Bird Cam news flash. There's an egg!
Click on thumbnail to enlarge image. 49.5kb
Click to enlarge image 7th April - 3 eggs can be clearly seen. Normally when she leaves the nest the eggs are covered up so it is difficult to count them. Click on thumbnail to enlarge image. 26.7kb
Click to enlarge image 13th April - We think there may be 7 or 8 eggs if she has been laying one egg a day. Difficult to see the eggs. No sign of the male though which is a bit worrying. Click on thumbnail to enlarge image. 39kb
Click to enlarge image 15th April - Eleven eggs. That's one a day. No sign of a male yet. Just wonder how she is going to manage. Click on thumbnail to enlarge image. 39.8kb
Click to enlarge image 16th April - 12 eggs. Is this a record? All the eggs can be clearly seen. 39.7kb
Click to play video 16th April - She has now started to incubate the eggs. See how she turns the eggs with her feet while turning around. Like the tail waving! 957kb
Click to enlarge image 17th April - 13 eggs. Surely this is the limit?. 39.6kb
Click to play video 17th April - She turns the eggs every 5 minutes. Leaves the nest every half hour to feed for about 4 minutes and returns to the nest. The tail waving is very distinctive. 977kb
Click to play video 18th April - Seen for the first time the male blue tit brings food to the female who is incubating the 13 eggs. That's a relief. It's amazing how he knows that she has finished laying eggs and that his help is needed. 671kb
Click to play video 26th April - She has been incubating the eggs for 10 days. The male is a regular visitor now and brings her a juicy grub for breakfast. 978kb
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