For Christmas 2007 I was given a bird box with a camera inside. Fixed the box on the east wall of the house and connected the camera wiring to the television. It's fascinating!

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There was no activity in 2008. I found out the reason could have been that I didn't clean out the old nest material from the previous year. This year (2009) I cleaned out the old nest material on Valentines Day. Looks like it worked as the box is being used again.

Watch the bird box in 2007

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On the 26th March 2009 we saw the first bird for this year enter the bird box. Inside is an infra-red camera so the pictures are in black and white. Click on the thumbnails below to show a short video in windows media format or a picture. (Opens your default media player). If you see this symbol picture it will be a picture.

26th March 2009 - First video of a blue-tit in the box. Video

Watch video 322KB
27th March 2009 - Female bringing in dry grass. Video

Watch video 321KB
30th March 2009 - Bringing in dry moss. Video

Watch video 370KB
9th May 2009 - Chicks hatched today. Video

Watch video 682KB
14th May 2009 - Chicks growing fast. Video

Watch video 411KB
16th May 2009 - One week old chicks. Video

Watch video 1.89MB

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