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Renovating a ruin

 We finally moved into our little house on 11th September 2005 - it has been an “interesting” experience. The “house” (or should we say ruin?) stood in a wheat field - about an acre in all. The roof was falling in and the front wall of the house had been damaged by two old box trees that had been growing unchecked for at least 30 years. Dot’s daily diary and our video diary have proved to be very useful, not only to make a note of what we have done but also to encourage us to keep going when things weren’t going well.
The small house on the left had a bedroom upstairs and one room downstairs. Under the stairs was a small wooden sided bedroom. An open fireplace on the inner gable wall was the only source of heating and cooking. Next to the house on the right was a small barn. In our plans to the Marie we raised the pitch of the barn to the same as the house. Upstairs two bedrooms and downstairs a bathroom, kitchen and living room. After doing all the work ourselves we finally moved in after two and a half years.

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