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Wind Power

Have managed to erect a wind generator here at Linguer. I am writing this on my laptop which is powered for free from the generator. This is our first go at wind power and has been a steep learning curve. However after a few hiccups it's up and running.

Raising the generator bit by bit up the scaffolding tower
Our first attempt at raising the tower was a failure. We fitted the generator to the top of the tower down on the ground. We hoped to raise the tower by hand but it was all too heavy and there was no control. We soon gave that up as a bad job and after a cup of tea and a thinking session decided to try something different. We raised just the tower on it's own which is very easy with two people. Then the scaffolding tower was erected alongside. Bit by bit I lifted the generator (30 kilos) up the tower and fitted it to the flange on top. Then fitted the tail fin and blades. Much easier and a lot safer this way.

Fitting the generator to the top of the tower
Fitting the Generator.

Tail fin fitted and being secured for safety
Securing the tail fin for safety.

Fitting the propeller blades
Fitting the blades.

Wind generator working
Wind generator working.

The wind generator is up and working now. It is very quiet with just a slight hum from the blades which is barely noticeable. We are about to enter winter so will be hoping for wind every day. Only time will tell how efficient and money saving this project will be.

Planning Regulations in France
When we first thought of having a wind generator here in France we wondered what the planning regulations would be. We arranged an interview with the local Mayor to ask permission. He had done some research for us and said that in France anyone can erect a wind tower to a maximum height of 12 metres without having to ask for permission or complete any paperwork. My advice would be to always ask the Mayor first.

Wind generator details
Purchased from Navitron, Oakham, Rutland, UK.
Manufacturer, Yangzhou Shenzhou Wind Driven Generator Co Ltd.
Model Number: FD2 7 500
Maximum output 500 watts, 24volts, 3 phase.
Tower height 6 metres

Wind generator working

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