​Day 16 – Thurso to John o’Groats 20 miles

Saturday 22nd April 2017 – total 1142 miles. We woke around 8am and Dave made tea and toasted a couple of hot cross buns. Got ready to go and the engine wouldn’t start. This time though Dave was unable to get it going. I stayed with the camper while Dave walked down to Thurso to […]

​Day 15 – Drumnadrochit to Thurso – 141 miles

Friday 21st April 2017 – total 1122 miles. After an amazing breakfast cooked by Janet, we said our goodbyes, promising to see her again in the future. That future came a little sooner than planned as the engine refused to start! I sat with Janet while Dave tried to get it going. I was relieved […]

​Day 13 – Glasgow to Balfron Station –  miles

Wednesday 19th April 2017 – total 797 miles. Alison gave us a delicious breakfast of bacon, tomatoes, egg, square sausage and bread rolls. We popped round a while later to say goodbye to Elaine who gave us tea and cake too. Thanks Alison and Elaine. Great to see you all. We were unable to meet […]

​Day 12 – Kirkpatrick Fleming to Glasgow – 86 miles

Tuesday 18th April 2017 – total 797 miles. Sunny but cool this morning. Our first stop was not far along the road at Ecelfechan where we visited Mary. We sat in the beautiful garden shed that she has built, named Mary’s Sitooterie, and had coffee and a slice of homemade fruit cake. Such a pleasure […]

​Day 10 – Whalley to Askham – 88 miles

Sunday 16th April 2017 – total 665 miles. Sarah made us all bacon and egg butties for breakfast – thanks Sarah and Ivan, we enjoyed our time with you and look forward to catching up with you both again soon. We left Whalley around 10am and drove to Preston to fill up with petrol then […]

​Day 9 – Near Clitheroe to Whalley – 4 miles

Saturday 15th April 2017 – total 577 miles. Woke at 7.30 and had a leisurely breakfast of tea and toast with honey. Rain in the night and still a few spots in the morning. We arrived in Whalley around 8.45 and Ivan welcomed us in and made coffee for us. We were joined by Ivan’s […]

​Day 7 – Hopwas to Formby Point – 118 miles

Thursday 13th April 2017 – total 521 miles. After a leisurely breakfast of tea and toast we said goodbye to Steve and Alison, Oliver and Alexa and were back on the road by 9.30. We headed for the 5 pottery towns of Stoke on Trent and found a car park in Hanley as we had […]