Day 8 – St Enoder to Mena Campsite Lanivet 18.6 miles


Started out at 8.30 after a lovely breakfast of cereal with farm fresh organic milk, followed by toast and home made marmalade  – thanks Denise.

Stopped by at St Enoder parish church for a few moments of quiet.

Onwards towards Fraddon and then onto Indian Queens where we were able to walk along footpaths. We needed to make ourselves more visible to traffic. The lights we had fixed to our walking poles were broken because the rain got in. They started to turn themselves on and off till they went off altogether! Bought some super-duper Cat Eye rear lights from Unity Cycles at Indian Queens. We were given 25% discount cos we were walking for charity and they fitted them for us too. Thanks Sam and Anthony. Just over the road we went to buy some camping gas, 2 high viz jackets and some organic eggs. When they found out we were walking for charity they didn’t charge us as their contribution to our efforts. Thanks Rob, Bev, and Wendy Mitchell of Queens Garage, Indian Queens.


The weather has been a bit breezy with misty drizzle on and off today but not cold.
Finally got around to eating the Cornish pasties we bought from butcher George’s in St Newlyn East. They were delicious and the best we’ve eaten. They will take some beating!


We stopped at the Victoria Inn near Roche. We decided against a beer and ordered a very welcome pot of tea for two.

We asked if anyone knew of somewhere we could camp but no luck. Decided to walk on. Maybe find a corner of a field or something. Eventually we ended up at a campsite we’d decided against cos it was too far but walked the extra miles anyway. Mena Campsite is one of the few sites that are open this time of year. Sue made us very welcome and we are now safely in our tent eating fried eggs in a roll. Yum!

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  1. How kind people have been to you, accommodation, meals and donations. There are some lovely folk about. Thinking of you.

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