Day 73 – Moffat to Beattock Summit – 14.7 miles


Sunday 3rd April 2016 – 797.62 miles
Our tent was a little wet inside this morning!

Although Bob had found us the driest pitch he could, the ground was still fairly waterlogged and we think that the water came through the bottom of the tent. After two months of camping on all sorts of surfaces there are bound to be small holes. The sides of the inner tent were also quite damp – time to reproof the tent at our next opportunity. We got the very wet tent packed away – unfortunately much heavier for Dave to carry – and left around 7am.


We walked through Moffat and on to Beattock where we left off yesterday. It was raining steadily and we fully expected to have a really wet day. There was no wind though so the rain didn’t seem so bad.
We continued along the B7076 (cycle route 74) again. It was very quiet, as was the motorway – probably because it was Sunday. Easy walking so we made good progress.


Gradually throughout the morning the rain slowed then stopped and the clouds lifted allowing the sun to peep through and it got quite warm. We saw our first ray of sunshine as we walked  into Lanarkshire.


Our normal walking day consists of walking for about 45 mins then a break for 15 mins and at lunchtime we take a longer break for about an hour. We find that overall we get more miles done and have a more enjoyable day.


We found a lovely place for our long break just off the road amongst some trees. Dave went to a stream to fill our water bottle then came back and made coffee.


The sun was warm as we sat and ate a Tunnocks Caramel wafer biscuit each with our coffee.
All too soon we had to crack on and get a few more miles done as we aimed to get within about 8 miles of Abington.


Four miles later we found a good place to camp for the night. Away from the road behind a grassy bank – it was sheltered and we had a lovely view from our tent too.


There was a stream nearby so water was available for drinking and cooking – and yes, we do use water treatment tablets.

Dave made supper – garlic mushrooms with chicken and noodles – thanks Dave X
We had some light rain again around 6pm but, by that time, we were cosy in our tent and it stopped again soon after that anyway.
Looking forward to tomorrow – we will be taking our 800 mile selfie!

7 thoughts on “Day 73 – Moffat to Beattock Summit – 14.7 miles

  1. I know we’ve said it before but both Annie and me are totally in awe of you. Not only of your trekking but consistently writing your blog plus Facebook, religiously. Well done you too. We do hope you will be able to call in to see us on your return down to good old Glos. There may be a bag of crisps or two waiting.

    1. Will try and return via your neck of the woods. Thanks for following us, always good to know you are reading Dot’s blog and Facebook posts. Cheers.

  2. thought for tonight. if you wake up in the night and look at the stars and wonder where they all come from stop worrying and worry about finding a new tent because some bugger has stolen yours and just left your groundsheet.
    best wishes and well done to you bothxxxxx

    1. Thanks Chris – made us smile! Actually they’d have to carry. us off too – we’ve got a sewn in ground sheet! Glad that you are enjoying our blog.

  3. Glad you are still going strong! Have printed off some of your blog to show the walking group tomorrow at Westport Lake Visitor Centre (Stoke-on-Trent). We still remember meeting you in the cafe and I love these recent photos of you progressing up through Scotland.

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