Day 67 – Newton Reigny to Carlisle – 17.20 miles


Monday 28th March – 734.42 miles
We had rain on and off overnight and it was very cold first thing.

We took down the tent and prepared ourselves for another day’s walk. It was a day of sunshine and showers – fortunately mostly sunshine.
Followed a cycle route which took us to Skelton where we found a bus shelter with a bench for our break.


We met Jo who was out walking her dog Flynn and she invited us to her home for a hot drink. We enjoyed a coffee each and talked about our walk with Jo and her husband Julian. Thanks both for a welcome rest and coffee too. Jo and Julian also made an online donation later so thank you both again.
Our plan for the day was to find somewhere to camp few miles outside Carlisle.

Our route took us along a very long straight road past a huge array – around of 27 – extremely tall radio masts surrounded by high fences. We found a low wall to sit on for a break. We set off walking again along what might be an old Roman road. It was on this road that, after 700 miles, we had our first instance of a really thoughtless person. A car drove past us from behind within inches of us. He didn’t slow down at all and was far too close even though there was room for the driver to move over. We both found it quite frightening. Dave noted the details of the car intending to phone the police. It was at 10.10 am on Monday 28th March. The registration of the car was M12 BMJ a Maroon Range Rover. After a while we calmed down and decided to just carry on and put it down to a bad experience. We both believe in Karma and what goes around comes around!

We left the road and took a bridle path which took us along a quiet track and the next person we met balanced up our day. Neil and his son William came by driving a car and trailer. He is a livestock farmer and we spent a while chatting about our walk, farming, bad drivers and local info. Lovely to meet you both Neil and William.
The bridle path took us past the old burnt out ruins of Highhead Castle and into a wooded valley with a stream and also Sculpture Valley.

Back onto the road we were heading for three hostelries for refreshment and possible information about where we might be able to camp.
The first one was The Crown Inn – closed!

The second was The White Quer – derelict!
The third was The Black Lion – closed at 2pm but open again at 6pm (It was 2.45!)
Dave went to a village farmhouse to top up our water bottle but she didn’t know anywhere we could camp for the night.
Although we had already walked about 14 miles, we decided to walk on to Carlisle – another 3 miles.

I managed to find accommodation at the Cornerhouse Guest House so on we went. We met Liz and Andy in Carlisle generously offered us a bed for the night but we had already booked up and given card details so sadly we had to decline. Would like to keep in touch with you both so please comment on our blog.

Our room for the night was lovely. Cosy, comfortable and at last I had my luxury of a soak in a hot bath – bliss. Thanks Maria.

6 thoughts on “Day 67 – Newton Reigny to Carlisle – 17.20 miles

  1. We drove past you on your way along the old road between Ivegill and Carlisle yesterday. Our daughters (aged 4 and 8) are most impressed with your feat – I promised them that I would try and find your page and so pleased that I did. Good luck with the rest of your journey. 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, makes us feel good. Sorry we didn’t get to chat but Dot will keep writing the blog so you can see how we get on.

  2. Hello both
    was a privilege to meet you both 🙂
    That arrays of masts at Skelton contains the tallest structure in the UK.

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