Day 50 – Middlewich to Barnton – 14.71 miles


Friday 11th March 2016 – 535.49 miles
Left the picnic site at Middlewich just before 7am heading for Northwich. Beautiful misty sunrise.

The canal towpath was a bit muddy in places but not impossible.
Today was one of those days where we met so many people.
Roy who with his wife Mel lives on their narrowboat India – he gave us some useful information about where to find places in the town – thanks Roy.
Bob and Lynn on their boat Buster 2. We stayed for a cuppa and a chat about life on a narrowboat – thanks Lynn for showing me around inside your lovely home on the water and for the tea and company.
Marie and Dawn at Broken Cross – lovely to talk to them both – safe journey back to Bristol tomorrow Marie.

Denise at the library in Northwich who was very helpful. She gave us directions and a map to find our way back to the canal from the town centre and to get to the Anderton Lift.
Needed to pick a few things up in Sainsburys so Dave stayed outside with our rucksacks while I did the shopping. While Dave was sat waiting he met three people who were interested in the walk and in talking to them he found that their lives had been interesting too. May, in her youth used to enjoy walking and remembers the YHA in its heyday before they went upmarket. A young man – Andrew, a cyclist from Northwich who has an ambition to cycle Lands End to John o’Groats and Babs a lovely lady from Hartford.
We walked through Carey Park and followed the path round to the Anderton Lift. Met loads more people on the way and at the visitor centre. Mike and Donna – thanks for the directions; Frank and Irene -we enjoyed hearing about the industrial history in the area;

Mike Davis who gave us a donation – thanks Mike; Will and Hillary who said that May is a good time to be in Scotland; and David and Joan who cycled from Beachy Head to Cape Wrath in 2001.

Much as we enjoyed sitting drinking tea and chatting we needed to crack on so we headed off once more along the towpath.
We needed to top up our water bottles as we’d forgotten to fill them at the cafe. Caroline and Lisa at Towpath Cottage were happy to give us water and asked if we needed anything else – so kind. Thanks both and thank you for your online donation too. We had just left the canal at Barnton Tunnel and were making our way up and over the hill when we were invited for coffee by John and Krystina and their son George. We stayed for a while talking about the local history of Barnton – thanks all for the coffee and custard creams and we’ll send you a postcard George.
We walked on over the hill until we rejoined the canal only to leave it again at the Saltersford Tunnel.
Again up and over the hill then back on the canal. We are camped for the night at the side of the canal. Had a problem with one of the tent poles – it snapped! image

The tent is up but looks a bit lop-sided. Will try to get it fixed tomorrow.

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