Day 49 – Malkins Bank to Middlewich – 9.83 miles


Thursday 10th March 2016 – 520.78 miles
As is our habit, when we stay in accommodation overnight, we had a lazy morning.

We decided to have a cooked breakfast at the golf club and it was delicious – our compliments to the chef. Our thanks too go to Graham of Malkins Bank Golf Club who gave us a donation and to all the staff who made our stay a very pleasant one.

We left Malkins Bank at 11am. The weather had much improved overnight and the towpath was not as bad as we’d feared so we decided to continue walking along it to Middlewich.
Work on the canal is still in progress but should be done by the end of tomorrow ready for the holiday season. The going was fairly easy making our walk a pleasant one today. We met several people on our travels who wished us luck. Macca at Sandbach; Barry on his narrowboat “Are and Are” who is a member of the Roving Canal Traders Association and goes to festivals etc. selling home brewing equipment;
Trevor and Jeanna on their narrowboat at Middlewich who gave us a very welcome cup of coffee (Dave had a tot of brandy too) – thanks both and have a wonderful journey; and Malcolm walking his dog Toby. We popped into the Kings Lock Chandelery at Middlewich where Nigel topped up our water bottles – thanks Nigel.
So many good people out there!
We bought a few items from Tesco Express then made our way out of town. We reached the Croxton aquaduct and found a picnic area where we decided to camp for the night.
Tomorrow is another day!

4 thoughts on “Day 49 – Malkins Bank to Middlewich – 9.83 miles

    1. Lovely to meet you (Mr French)
      Sorry don’t know your first name. It’s always nice to see a smiling face. Good fishing and tight lines.

      1. Hi Dave and Dot. Best of luck for a great adventure on your walk from lands end to john o groats. Macca told me he had spoken to you today, sorry to say, i just missed you. Would of loved to chat in person and wish you well on your travels.

        May the wind be at your back and the sun upon our face.

        Take care and most of all enjoy every step!

        You are both amazing!

        Love, Luck and Bestest Wishes from Macca and Dawn (Maccas wife) 🙂 xx

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