Day 41- Lifford Lock to Edgbaston – 5 miles


Wednesday 2nd March 2016 – 420 miles
Dave’s cousin gave us a lift back to Lifford Lock – thanks Diana.

We started walking along the canal until we came to a sign leading us off the canal and onto the Rea Valley cycle path.
We enjoyed a lovely walk alongside the river Rea. As we walked,quite a few cyclists rode by and wished us luck and two runners, Rachel and Chris stopped to ask us about our walk and wished us success. We could hear the steady hum of traffic as we walked along the path – trees and grassland on one side and maybe factories and houses on the other.

The path eventually led to Cannon Hill Park.

By that time the rain had started to get a bit persistent so we decided to stop and have a cuppa at The Garden Tea Room for a coffee.

The rain didn’t stop so we decided to crack on and we arrived at Dave’s sister’s around 11am. About half an hour later it started to snow so we were very happy to have finished our walk for the day. Only a short walk but we enjoyed a good rest.

3 thoughts on “Day 41- Lifford Lock to Edgbaston – 5 miles

  1. Hello Dave & Dot, On arriving back home we have read all your blogs and will continue to follow your progress. It was lovely to speak to you about your adventure. Good Luck and we will be thinking of you.

  2. First time I’ve looked in since your first week, and already you are in Birmingham ! On track to be the first lejogers to finish in 2016.

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