Day 4 – Wrington to home – 96 miles


Monday 10th April 2017 – total 297 miles
We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with Emily and her family. I wrote the last few days of our diary while Dave did some drawing with Bobby, Martha and Annabella. We left around 9am and drove towards Bristol, crossing the Avon using the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Memories of our last crossing came flooding back.
From Bristol we drove to Severn Beach where we took a break and walked along the promenade enjoying the sunshine and views of the two Severn Bridges.

We then drove to Aust hoping to catch up with Jane and Paul who ran the Boars Head pub. We stayed overnight in their beer garden last year and Paul cooked us an amazing breakfast the next morning. Sadly for us, Jane and Paul have moved on to pastures new so we didn’t get to see them. We stayed for a coffee then walked up to the church which unfortunately wasn’t open.
Onwards towards Gloucester stopping off at The Salutation pub in Ham near Berkeley. Yet more good memories of friendly people and hospitality. We didn’t go in this time though as we wanted to crack on.

We stopped in Gloucester so Dave could buy a new fan belt for the van – we don’t need it but thought it wise to get one as a spare. We arrived home just before 4pm – all is well and we plan to continue on our journey on Wednesday morning.

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