Day 26 – day off with friends. Day 27 – Wedmore to Regil – 15.83 miles


Wednesday 17th February 2016 – 281.81 miles
Up at 6 and after saying our goodbyes to Emily and Bobby, Steve drove us back to The Swan at Wedmore at 7.15.

Thanks so much Steve and Emily for your warm welcome. Such a pleasure to get to know Bobby, Martha and baby Annabella. We are sure that the amazing roast dinner last night fuelled our walk today.
It was very wet today but we marched on towards the Mendip Hills via Nyland Hill and then a steep climb uphill onto the West Mendip Way footpath.

Despite the bad weather it was a very scenic ascent following a stone track. Once at the top we had an amazing view although it probably would have been more spectacular if the sun was shining!

The wind was quite cold but we soon walked down to a more sheltered area where we stopped for a break. All of a sudden we seemed to be surrounded by sheep – obviously hoping for some tasty titbits! Sorry sheep it’s my sandwich and it’s all mine!! You might be cute but not that cute.
We reached the small village of Ubley around 1pm. Took a break and looked around the church – partly to get out of the rain.

Very pretty church which offered us a shelter for a while. Dave phoned Michael Weaver of Walnut Farm Camping to say that we’d made better progress than expected and would be there a day earlier than planned. A few more miles of uphill and down walking through large puddles and we arrived at 3.30. Michael showed us where we could camp. We asked if there was a pub where we could get a meal and he offered to give us a lift to The Crown at Regil. Thanks Michael.
We enjoyed a very pleasant evening and a tasty meal too.

2 thoughts on “Day 26 – day off with friends. Day 27 – Wedmore to Regil – 15.83 miles

  1. All I can say is how stoic you are. I am amazed and yet not amazed how many people are so kind and helpful to you. Not too long before you reach good old Gloucestershire. Keep calm and walk on.

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