Day 22 – Hillfarrance to Taunton – 9.26 miles


Friday 12th Feb 2016 – 233.47 miles
Rain threatening skies as we broke camp. Today we’re planning a short day so that can spend time in Taunton shopping for bits and bobs.

The morning’s walk was very pleasant with no hills but views ahead of a much gentler landscape. No rain but leaden skies following cycle route no. 3. Good choice as not much traffic to speak of.
We reached Taunton around 9.30. We bought a new pair of specs for Dave (the old ones got squashed and are being held together with surgical tape), headlamp torches (to make life in the tent easier), tablets and potions, and foot care stuff.
Met a couple of people who took an interest in our walk and we were treated to a breakfast bap by Ben, owner of “Loafers Sandwich Bar”
Thanks Ben and Lucy.
Had a couple of donations today so thanks to Morag Colley of Bishops Hull and Alan Wood of Taunton.

As we were eating our delicious breakfast bap a dapper passer-by did a double take as he glanced at Dot’s bag. “Are you really, he asked”. Turns out he walked John o’Groats to Lands End in 2006 pushing a trolley and dressed as a polar bear! Nice to chat with Alan Webb. Taunton is great for the car user. Every road, lane and alleyway is used to the full. Even the thriving town centre is filled with ‘the infernal combustion engine’.
Had a mooch around the town after treating ourselves to a room at Premier Inn North.

Walked around St James church for a while

then bought much needed supplies, provisions for the next couple of days, plus a lottery ticket ! 🙂 Our last stop on the way back to our refuge for the night was the Plough Inn – recommended to us by Richard of Fritzbitz who we met a couple of days ago – thanks Richard. Can’t guarantee you’ve never been in an inn like it but this place is a gem.

If you get a chance and want to visit a real pub full of character then pay a visit. Lots of niches, nooks and crannies to sit, talk and relax. Good company too.
Tomorrow is another day and we’re not sure where we will end up. Plan to follow the canal to Bridgewater so maybe another wild camp ? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day 22 – Hillfarrance to Taunton – 9.26 miles

  1. You are doing so well. Love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures – quite envious. Glad you are having a day off occasionally and glad you have a new coat Dot! God bless. Love Denise and Harold

    1. Thanks both. Dot’s new coat is definitely waterproof. It’s been tested since she bought it. Just visited one of the churches in Taunton. St James. Dave & Dot.

  2. Hey, glad to hear you have new glasses Dave 🙂 I’m surprised you’ve got so far – over 200 miles already!

    I’m wishing Thurza and I could have come with you 😉

  3. 9.15 am Friday 12th February
    Saw you walking towards Musgrove Hospital as I drove from Wellington to Tesco
    Thought! I recognise those two having chatted on Wednesdayas you walked the Great Weston Canal. So glad you did your shopping!

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