Day 17 – Tedburn St Mary to Brampford Speke – 13.04 miles


7th Feb 2016 – total miles so far 186.54
Up at 7.30 and packed all our dried clothes back into our rucksacks. Breakfast at 9.

Tom Woodley owner of The Kings Arms greeted us and brought us coffee and we chatted about our walk. We enjoyed cereal and a cooked breakfast and said our goodbyes at 10 am. It was quite a steep climb out of Tedburn as we made our way towards Exeter.

Beautiful sunny morning with amazing views for a change. Met Bob out walking his dog and we chatted about our route and asked if we would like a cuppa! He phoned ahead to his wife and she said a cuppa would be waiting for us. As we entered Whitestone there she was with two mugs of tea. Once more the kindness of strangers came our way. Two of their neighbors came out and Mike Quinn made a donation.

Onwards through Nadderwater then to Exwick on the edge of Exeter.

Our route now changed to a northerly direction as we headed for our target of the day, the village of Brampton Speke. As we entered the village we were greeted by a lady who was taking her shopping from her car. Her name was Greta. We got chatting and Greta and Stuart offered us their caravan for the night if we wanted! They knew that storm Imogen was expected tonight so that was amazingly kind of them both. Once again we have been blessed by the kindness of strangers. We were brought a cup of coffee and for our tea Greta shared the family meal of sausage beans and chips. We met the rest of the family too – Gareth, Rachael and little Thurza. As tomorrow was forecast gale force winds Stuart and Greta said we could stay another day if needs be. We gratefully accepted. The supper was delicious and we had a very sheltered night in the caravan. Thanks Stuart and Greta.

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