Day 105 – Skail to Bettyhill – 11.93 miles


Thursday 5th May 2016 – 1149.14 miles.
Up and away by 7am.

Linnet saw us walking back up the field and came out to wish us well – she filled our water bottle for us too – thanks Linnet.

Onwards we walked along Strathnaver. Before long we saw “The Home of The Red Priest”. Originally thought to be the dwelling place of a priest in the 8th or 9th century, the structure is the heavily robbed remains of a Neolithic burial chamber.

The road, although it followed the river Naver down to the sea at Bettyhill, it was anything but downhill in places. It roller coasted it’s way up and down. image

Soon we reached the Strathnaver Public Hall and being the 5th May it was polling day. Beside the hall was an interesting plaque commemorating an event that took place in 1800 – “The first gathering of men of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders.”
The valley widened and we saw more smallholdings nestled in the hillside with fields of grazing sheep.
Eventually our road met the A836 coast road.
Our destination today was Bettyhill and as the name implies it was at the top of a hill! We had a steep climb made worse by the buffeting 40 mph winds that came from the South West.

We arrived at the campsite around 3pm – tired and windswept but happy that we’d at last reached the north coast of Scotland. Bacon sandwiches for supper and a walk along the beach.

4 thoughts on “Day 105 – Skail to Bettyhill – 11.93 miles

  1. Well Dave and Dot, you are nearly there. I looked on the map and found Bettyhill. It looked like you are about thirty miles or so from your destination. Looking forward to the next couple of blogs. Never mind Leicester City, you are the champions.

    1. Camping at Melvick tonight and about 43 miles to go. Will be there in 3 days. Still meeting lovely people. Came last in the pub quiz again but great company and atmosphere. In tent now with the sound of the sea in the background. Zzzzzzz.

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful efforts – we have been following your blogs with interest. Soon be at your destination – well done.

    1. Hi both. Seems such a long time go since we walked into the Red Lion at Blackwater. 2 days now and our adventure will come to an end. Something we will treasure and thanks for being part of it. Cheers both, Dave and Dot.

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