Day 103 – North of Rhian Bridge to Altnaharra – 13.66 miles


Tuesday 3rd May 2016 – 1122.21 miles
It rained and was quite windy overnight but we didn’t get blown away!

We managed to get the tent down and packed away before the rain started again.
An easy walk today – just as well as the wind and rain made things difficult at times. Fortunately the sun came out often enough to make things a bit easier.
After 4 miles we saw a welcome sight in the distance – The Crask Inn. We weren’t sure whether it was open or not so we knocked on a side door. Isobel answered the door and welcomed us in. Michael offered us coffee and showed us into the main bar. He came back about 5 minutes later with logs and lit the log burner. Before long the room was warm and cosy.
Isobel came in with a tray of coffee and shortbread. Michael’s wife Kai came to join us too and we all enjoyed a pot of coffee together. We talked for a while then we were left to our own devices. I finished writing the blog for yesterday and we shared a second pot of coffee. We enjoyed the company of two of Michael’s dogs – Gil the youngster and Ned the dad.
Ned slept in front of the fire and Gil mooched about and obviously likes company. We stayed for lunch too – delicious home made celery soup with bread and butter. Eventually the time came for us to continue our journey. We paid for our coffee and lunch and Michael gave us a donation – thanks Michael and Kai for your warm welcome, hospitality and your donation too.
The next few hours of walking was generally downhill and the weather was sunshine, rain and rainbows.

Our last hour of walking was difficult as the wind picked up and it rained heavily. image

We reached Altnaharra and the welcoming sight of the Altnaharra Hotel. We had planned to camp for the night but we were so wet and soggy we decided to have a night’s B&B instead.
We went into the Ghillies Bar and ordered a beer each and it was luxury from then on. Our room was cosy and comfortable. Dave took our wet things down to the drying room and, after a lovely hot bath, we went down for supper – a fish supper for Dave and scampi and chips for me.

A perfect end to the day.

6 thoughts on “Day 103 – North of Rhian Bridge to Altnaharra – 13.66 miles

  1. Hello Dave and Dot,
    Met you on the Bridge at Askham in Cumbria, have not followed every day but wonder where you were now, you seem to be getting on well and in a great part of the world. I have bought many sheep at Lairg which we passed Altnaharra to get to. You seem to have had a few miserable days, but the foercast here on seems much better, so good luck on the last few miles.

    1. Hello Graeme. We remember you stopping your car as we left Askham. Such a long time ago and since then have had a great adventure. Not long now before we finish and as you say the forecast is favourable.

  2. Hi Dave & Dot. We’ve been following your blog since we met on the Great Glen way, and are hugely impressed with your achievements. Not only doing lejog in one, wild camping, and raising large sums for a very worthwhile cause, but also providing a comprehensive multi-media account of your adventures. Well done, and best of luck with the last days of your walk.

    We’re about 20mi SW of Thurso and on target to finish on Sunday. Any idea when your walk will end?

    1. Hi Doug and Bev.
      Thanks for your kind words. Great to meet you both and good luck for finishing the last stage of your Lejog.
      We are camped in a field in the Naver valley and will be at Bettyhill today (Thursday). We reckon 4 days then to jog so should finish Monday all being well.
      If we don’t get to meet you at jog will stay in touch. Weather forecast looks good so smiles all round.
      Cheers, Dave and Dot.

  3. Hi Dave and Dot, just been catching up with your blog, very glad you’ve had some comfortable times! It was so lovely meeting Wendy, the cups of tea were so welcome and as you say, a really interesting fund of local knowledge. I’m now south of Inverness, still trudging on, and looking forward to the Cairngorms.

    1. Hi Gaynor.
      Great to meet you and we are full of admiration for walking Jogle solo. Your chosen route is challenging so good weather, good fortune and good luck wishes from us both. Only three days left for us but will enjoy every mile. Cheers, Dave and Dot.

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