Day 0 – Journey down to Cornwall

It is just over a year ago that we started our journey of a lifetime – a long walk from Land’s End to John o’Groats.

Without sounding too cheesy, we had the most amazing time. We met many good people and made new friends too. We enjoyed our daily walks and the variety of scenery as we made our way through England and Scotland – from deserted beaches, quiet country lanes, canal towpaths and wild moorland landscapes to busy towns and noisy bustling cities. During our journey we saw quite a few few places which were “only a few miles away” – that’s just a couple of minutes by car but over an hour’s walk there and back plus time to look around, so reluctantly we gave them a miss. Often we would have liked to linger a while longer to explore things a little more but we needed to keep going.

We promised ourselves and many of the people that we met on our journey that we would maybe do the journey again by car so we could take the time to revisit our new friends and also see the places that we had to pass by.

We decided to start our journey in the Spring of 2017 and our daughter Kate has kindly lent us her VW camper. So today, on 6th April, we are off to Cornwall

Spent this morning packing the camper van. It is packed to the gunnels! Funny to think that we are bringing with us so many items that we now consider to be essential when we managed our trip last year with just 1 rucksack each!

We left home just after 2pm. Filled up with fuel in Chepstow then on down to Cornwall on the M5 and A30. Plenty of traffic but arrived at our destination for the day at 6.30pm – a quiet backwater just off the A30. The exact spot is a family secret!
We parked by a stream and ate our supper looking out over moorland and blue skies. Looking forward to getting to Land’s End tomorrow.

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