​Day 1 – Land’s End to Embla – 19 miles    

Friday 7th April 2017 – total 19 miles

Woke at 8 and Dave made us a hot drink before we got ready to leave.
We needed to turn the van around so that we could get back onto the A30 to continue our journey.  We started off at 8.50 but ground to a halt again at 8.55! Unfortunately we got stuck in some mud! Luckily for us, a young man on a quad bike came out of a field nearby. He said he would go and fetch his Landrover and pull us out.

Ike arrived back with his friend Trevor and, with a bit of backing up and manoeuvring we were able to turn around – thanks Ike and Trevor!
We  drove on to Penzance without any further problems and walked up into town. We found a friendly hotel where we enjoyed a cuppa and uploaded yesterday’s diary. Cornish pasty for lunch then off to Land’s End.

We started our LEJOG journey in the appropriate way with a pint of Cornish Tribute beer in the Lands End Hotel bar. We walked along the path we took last January and met Jeremy and Cynthia who were enjoying their holiday in Cornwall. Chatted for a while then made our way back to our van for a brew. Posted a load of postcards then slowly pulled out of the car park and took the coastal road through St Just and looked for somewhere to park up for the night.
We were getting nearer to Embla so decided to visit Mike and Jackie to say hello. Mike kindly loaned us his workshop to camp in last year. Jackie was surprised but pleased to see us and we are now camped in their field nearby. Sadly we didn’t get to meet Mike this time as he wasn’t at home.

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